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David Leverett – Student number 517040

The intention of this blog is to record my journey through the course about documentary photography entitled Documentary : fact and fiction. On the menu bar at the top you will find links to all the project, assignments and research that I have done.


Guide notes

MENU – The drop down menus will take you to a page which include all posts relevant to that project or assignment. All posts are in the order in which they were completed with the newest first.

RESEARCH – The research tab has three sections. The first is the DFF research. This is culmination of the research done for all assignments and research points. The second is any research suggested to me by my tutor and additional reading. Lastly there is a second dedication to technical work.

ASSIGNMENT – The main two posts in the assignment page. The final being the one I sent to the tutor and the reworking being adjustments made after feedback. I have ensured the rework post will always be the first post you see when opening the page.

Assignment X – Name of assignment – FINAL Assignment X – Name of assignment – REWORK/REMAKE – The final and rework posts have links inside them to the most important posts in the assignment. This should save time going through each post. I have tried to standardise post names as much as possible and each assignment posts will include each of the following:

Assessment Criteria – My response to the assignment against the course assessment criteria

Assignment X – Contact sheet – Images with notes on selected photographs

Assignment X – Tutor feedback – Tutor report with notes made in response.I hope you enjoy looking through my journey as much as I did making it.

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